Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions here. 

So frequently asked questions that are common are here with some answers:

I have a past eviction, can I still buy a home?

YES, but if it shows up on your credit report as an outstanding judgement, an eviction will have to be in payment arrangements for at least 3 months or paid off to qualify. 

Once you are in payment arrangements for three months on an eviction you may qualify for financing. You may consider Down Payment and Closing Cost assistance programs from a minimum 620 fico score. Conventional 3% down is available from a minimum 620 fico score. FHA is available from 3.5% down FHA from a minimum 580 fico score and scores between 500-579 may consider from 10% down FHA.

I have fico scores in the low 500’s, can I get a loan?

YES, you may and you must have a minimum 500 fico score to qualify for FHA financing. Although you may consider 10% down with scores between 500-579 and from as low as 3.5% down from a minimum 580 fico score. Loan qualifications are also calculated from your credit profile, debt to income ratios, down payment, loan program choice besides your fico scores.

Your scores can be raised within 3-4 days in most cases to qualify for programs, rates and terms as necessary. You will need to be pre-approved to be able to meet an agent to view and submit offers on any homes of your choice. You will need to call and put a game plan together as to how much you want to invest into the purchase and the maximum payment you are looking to afford.

I have some old collections and some medical collections, can I qualify?

YES, medical collections are not even considered and you can have old collections and still qualify for FHA financing. You can have up to 2k in old collections. Likewise you will have to be hit with a 5% payment factor towards your debt to income ratios for collections over 2k without paying them off. 

As a mortgage brokerage we have many banks to choose from and some that go by the traditional FHA guidelines. Medical collections are disregarded as they are considered a debt that is out of your control.

I had a short sale last year, can I qualify for financing?

YES, you may qualify for financing ONE DAY after a short sale, foreclosure or deed in lieu. You may qualify for as low as 10% down from a minimum 660 fico score. 

If you do not have the funds for the fico score 10-25% down payment there are options. You may qualify from 3.5% down three years from a short sale, foreclosure or deed in lieu.

Can I qualify for financing with a bankruptcy, BK?

You will have to wait two years after a Chapter 7 BK to consider FHA or VA. You will have to wait 3 years for USDA and 5 years for conventional financing. We offer a portfolio program that only requires ONE YEAR after the BK discharge date. You may qualify from 12 months/1 year of satisfactory payments with a Chapter 13 BK.